Top Quality Stock Chemical Products From ITD

Stock Chemical Products

ITD maintains a broad line of industrial cleaners to service distributors from end to end in a number of market categories. With over 250 stock products and hundreds of custom formulations, ITD has an answer for nearly every industrial cleaning application. Click on our product categories below to explore.

car wash

Car Wash & Detailing

Soaps, waxes, rinse aids, pre-soaks, tire shines…you name it


Cleaners & Degreasers

Citrus cleaners, butyl cleaners, caustic cleaners, safe cleaners, and everything in between

concrete and asphalt

Concrete & Asphalt

Concrete removers, form releases, asphalt dissolvers, truck bed releases

floor cleaner

Concrete, Asphalt & Shop Floor Cleaners

Powdered and liquid outdoor ground surface cleaners


Descalers & Coil Cleaners

The name says it all

Detergent Additives

Detergent Additives

Foamers, defoamers, and more

exterior cleaning

Exterior Maintenance

Clean decks, gutters, siding, shingles…remove rust, graffiti, efflorescence…commercial building restoration


Janitorial & Facilities Maintenance

Hand soap, odor neutralizers, fragrances, drain cleaners, and more

kitchen and food processing

Kitchen & Food Processing

Chlorinated foamers, hood cleaners, CIP cleaners, dish soap, and more

laundry machines


Liquid and powdered detergents, spotters, sours, sizing, and more

Marine Cleaner


Salt neutralizers, surface cleaners, and more

Parts Cleaners & Metal Prep

Parts Cleaners & Metal Preparation

Phosphatizers, parts cleaners, rust inhibitors, and more

Pool & Spa

Pool & Spa

pH adjusters, water clarifiers, stain removers, water softeners, and more

Soft Wash

Soft Wash

Surfactants, bleach markers, bleach neutralizers, and everything else you need to support your soft wash program

Clean battery

Specialty Industrial Products

Forestry products, battery cleaners, wood releases, and more

truck wash

Truck Wash

Two step systems, aluminum brighteners, alkaline truck washes, spray waxes, and more

USDA Approved

USDA Approved

A selection of a dozen or so certified products to meet your needs



Products that ship without DOT regulation

best seller

ITD Best Sellers

The cream of the crop

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