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Private labeling can offer advantages to a distributor who is committed to building a brand in its marketplace.  It creates a uniqueness that makes price shopping difficult and customer turnover less likely.  Many distributors have been trained that private labeling is attached to high up front costs and high minimum order sizes, but that’s not the case with ITD.

ITD offers stock and custom products under its own nationally-recognized brand, or under the customer’s brand. In the case of stock ITD products, we allow private labeling with minimal up-front costs and low minimums of (20) 12×32 oz. cases, (4) 4×1 gallon cases and (3) 5 gallon pails. In custom formulations, we require pallet quantity minimums only (48 cases, 36 pails, 4 drums, or a tote.)

Under your private label, not only does ITD design, develop and utilize your label on our products, we also manage your regulatory burden via creation of your own safety data sheets and management of emergency response.  Further, ITD provides private label marketing materials for all stock products, so you can focus on selling instead of creating marketing materials.  All of these materials are available to you 24/7 in your online web-based portal, which is mobile-friendly.

Build your brand and let ITD build the rest.

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