Our Mission

ITD Chemical is on a mission to build high-quality, innovative chemical programs for its distribution partners.  We are the #1 provider of private label industrial detergent programs in the United States, a claim we make because we have yet to find a customer experience that rivals our own, and for these other reasons.

As a dealer or distributor of detergents and other chemical products, you have a choice.  You can be the means to an end for a chemical manufacturer, or you can be the end itself.  At ITD, we focus on becoming a value-added extension of your business, in partnership to help you build the most profitable, innovative, and growth-oriented chemical program possible.  Often this means building a private label branding program so that you can focus on building your brand, not theirs.  High-quality label design, product spec sheets, and regulatory documentation are pieces of this puzzle that we will handle for you.

With a stock product portfolio of 250+ products across 10+ different market verticals, there are very few cleaning applications in the industrial world that we cannot approach quickly.  Critically, when custom products are required to meet a unique demand or a tight economic equation, we provide free lab resources led by our Ph.D. chemist.  Given the highly nuanced nature of the cleaning industry, this is a critical piece of the puzzle to understanding growth and outsized profitability.

Our professional manufacturing culture maintains tight quality control methods and keeps lead times to a minimum.  Over 80% of orders, regardless of size or complexity, ship in less than 5 days and we are moving toward 90%+.  We experience less than 0.5% quality errors (strictly defined) and we are moving toward less than 0.1%.  We are able to do this even though we allow low minimum order sizes under a private label.

We have invested in sales and knowledge resources who pick up the phone, respond to your emails, and get things done quickly.  We demand the same from our suppliers and we relish the joy of working with competent, ambitious people who really care.

We are owner-operated, which means we are ambitious, aggressive and responsive.  Our chain of command is short, we make decisions quickly, and we solve problems without friction.  Our team members are governed by a set of cultural values – Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Process, Energy, and Responsiveness – that compel us to approach our work thoughtfully.  We gain an inch every day and we find ourselves moving miles every year.

In short, we are on a mission to build a high-quality, industry-leading chemical manufacturer that is focused on building relationships and chemical programs with distributor partners.  If you’re tired of the old products, long lead times, lack of responsiveness and support, and lack of focus on you, then ITD is what you’re looking for.  If you want to work differently, work with us. 

As a result of our business philosophy and these continuing efforts, we are growing rapidly, and you should be too.  Stop accepting average performance from average suppliers and you will see your business change, along with ours.

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