Different Distributor Segments at ITD

ITD works with a diverse set of unique distributors servicing various market verticals.  Click below to direct to products most relevant to you.

Soft Wash

Pressure Washer & Airless Distribution

ITD’s bread and butter. From truck wash to degreasers, aluminum brighteners to hood cleaners, ITD has everything required to support a broad line pressure washer sales & service strategy

concrete and asphalt

Concrete & Asphalt Distribution

Concrete removers, asphalt dissolvers, form releases, and asphalt releases. ITD has everything you need, in super concentrated form.


Janitorial Distribution

Floor cleaners, odor management, drain cleaners, hand soap, maintenance products. ITD can support your Jan/San strategy.

Pool & Spa

Pool Products Distribution

pH adjusters, chlorine extenders, algae management, water conditioners. We support a full pool distribution line of products, both in the water and on the deck.

car wash

Automotive Care Distribution

Self-serve and automatic car wash, detailing, tire shines, waxes. There are no car wash applications we don’t cover.

Niche Industrial Distribution

A lot of ITD’s products are “niche” but others escape a broad category altogether. Batteries, timber, wood processing, industrial solvents. Have a look.

Laundry Distribution

Powdered and liquid detergents, bleaches, spotters, sizing, sours, starches. We service full line commercial laundry distributors.

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