Custom Formulations & Detergent Solutions

ITD maintains a professional lab with chemistry talent and instrumentation. We can tackle nearly any cleaner project, whether simply an idea with no market equivalent or an attempt to compete with an established market product. With a sample and rough guidance, we can develop a product specifically for you, at your price point, and with your name on the container. Pretty cool huh!

ITD has the experience and capability to formulate environmentally friendly cleaners, whether they be phosphate-free, NPE-free, or have a need to contain only biodegradable materials. If this is a constraint for your project, just let us know.

Case Studies

A customer of ITD was approached by a large transformer refurbishment and recycling concern. They were looking for a cleaner to safely and efficiently clean the parts of the mineral and soy oils found inside transformers. With no market product guideposts, ITD developed a product to suit the application, and has henceforth provided all services related to blending and packaging the product for distribution.
A salesman within a large national chemical distribution organization left his job to strike out on his own. He took with him vague sales-based knowledge of the products he sold at his former employer, and needed someone to develop and manufacture similar or improved products for him under his new company name. ITD developed 3 initial products, which has ballooned into 10 unique products that are fully commercialized and being sold across the country.
An existing ITD distributor came to ITD with a sample of a product that a national branded chemical manufacturer was selling in his territory. He wanted a product that could compete with the performance and price point of the branded product at a more favorable price point. ITD analyzed the market product and developed a product that would rival or exceed the quality of the market product, and began manufacturing and selling it to the distributor at a price which allowed the distributor to begin taking business from the national branded product.

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