Contract Blending & Packaging Solutions at ITD

ITD has been blending and packaging its own industrial chemicals for nearly 30 years, and beginning in 2015 the Company began accepting business as a contract manufacturer. With a significant amount of plant and human talent in and around these difficult manufacturing tasks, it became apparent that ITD could provide a very high quality of service to customers in need.

ITD is different from other contract blenders and packagers in that we primarily manufacture our own products, and thus our operation is designed to produce the highest quality chemicals possible given our attention to our own brands.  Our operators are not made aware whether a project is for an ITD product or a contract job, and thus our attention to detail is maintained as if your product were our product.  The importance of this point is difficult to overstate.

ITD maintains a zero discharge manufacturing facility, in which all waste materials are fully recycled.  Rest easy knowing that your contract manufacturer is doing right by the environment and municipal infrastructure.

Array of Blending Capabilities

ITD has the ability to blend any water-based chemical system in amounts from 220 gallons to 4,000 gallons and more with multiple batches.

Multiple Packaging Options

ITD can package product in totes, drums, pails, 2.5 gallon jugs, 1 gallon jugs and quarts as standard stock packaging options, and given certain minimum thresholds is capable of sourcing and filling other custom packaging formats.

Various Equipment Options

ITD maintains high speed filling equipment for high volume runs, but also has smaller equipment suitable for custom small runs.  We have the capability of packaging 25 gallons or 35 quarts per minute in fully automated fashion, and can service significant volume runs if required.

Full Process

ITD can manage all sourcing and inventory of chemical and packaging material, or the customer can provide such materials to ITD for further processing.

Strict Quality

The company maintains the strictest of quality control methodologies to ensure consistent production outcomes.

Case Studies

A customer approached ITD to provide contract packaging for an anti-static cleaning product, for which the customer owned its own formulation. ITD began blending and packaging this product in gallons and quarts. The customer sends ITD its concentrate, and ITD blends the concentrate into various dilutions for packaging under multiple different brands. After some time, the customer moved all of its business to ITD as it was tired of dealing with less professional contract packagers. ITD now regularly fills in excess of 20,000 bottles per month for the customer, and the relationship has blossomed into multiple custom formula developments and a product line that contains ITD-owned and customer-owned formulations.

A customer approached ITD in the spring of 2020 with an EPA-registered disinfectant product for the mass market.  COVID-19 was in full swing and the customer didn’t have the facilities to blend and package the product to service the rapidly growing market.  ITD took the spec, sourced material, blended product, and packaged in gallons and quarts for the customer, who grew a brand new business from scratch into a multi-million dollar concern in less than a year.

A customer of ITD for whom the relationship cuts across all capabilities of ITD approached with an opportunity to contract package a unique ink removal product for a fortune 500 company.  The end customer had its own formula, which was translated to ITD.  ITD was required to manage the entire process, including the sourcing of a custom gallon bottle and package. We began sourcing, holding inventory, and packaging 368 cases per week and continue servicing the business to this day.

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