#1 in Private Label Industrial Detergents

#1 in 
Label Industrial Detergents

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Why ITD is the Top Choice for Industrial Detergents

  • Customer-Focused Approach
  • Professional Manufacturing
  • No Direct Sales
  • Broad & Growing Product Lines
  • Lab Services
  • Private Labeling


ITD has been a formulator and manufacturer of industrial chemical solutions since 1996. We offer a broad line of stock industrial detergents and other niche chemical products, available under ITD or private label brands. We also offer custom formulation, blending and packaging to fit the unique needs of each distributor. ITD moves quickly, keeps you in stock, and hits price points that allow distributors to compete aggressively in their respective markets. It’s our business to help you build your chemical program, and together we succeed.

Stock Chemical

ITD maintains a broad line of over 250+ stock industrial cleaning products to service distributors from end to end in a number of market categories.


ITD maintains a professional lab with chemistry talent and instrumentation. If we don’t have it, we can build it for you.

Contract Blending
& Packaging

From end-to-end “source, blend, package” projects, to any piece in between, ITD can manage the manufacturing process for your product.

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